FSA Leaders Camp PH 2015

The FSA Leaders Camp PH is a 2 day camp for all FSA Club Leads in the Philippines for training and development of the future leaders of Mozilla Philippines. This camp aims to train student leaders to be more familiar with the Mozilla mission, to promote the FSA program in their own campus, get more familiar with the Mozilla products, develop camaraderie with other FSA’s and learn how they can shape the future of the open Web.

FSA Philippines - Clash of Clubs Day 2

Back in 2013,  I was invited for the 1st ever FSA Leaders Camp which was held in Laguna but I didn’t attend due to several reasons and when they sent invites for this event I confirmed instantly and was looking forward to it.

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10 Things only Sweaty Girls will Understand

Being a sweaty girl in a tropical country like the Philippines is a terrible combination. People always tell me to wipe that sweat off and believe me I really wanted to, but what can I do if I can’t stop perspiring? Here is a short list of what sweaty girls experiences: Continue reading “10 Things only Sweaty Girls will Understand”

Inside the doctor’s office.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community8

Some people won’t believe if I tell them that I’m in my 20’s, like the stingy guy on the convenience store who refused to sell me a beer because he insisted that I’m a minor and the tutorial center’s manager who thought that I was enrolling for advanced mathematics. Maybe it is also because I dress like a teenager whenever I go out: shorts, loose shirt, pair of sandals and a sling bag.

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