10 Things only Sweaty Girls will Understand

Being a sweaty girl in a tropical country like the Philippines is a terrible combination. People always tell me to wipe that sweat off and believe me I really wanted to, but what can I do if I can’t stop perspiring? Here is a short list of what sweaty girls experiences:

  1. You never leave the house without a hankie.phew
  2. Keeping your hair tied is of utmost importance.giphyanime
  3. Oil control films are a lifesaver.s-l1000
  4. On sunny days, walking outside makes you look like you did a quick run across a block or two.Sweating-like-a-pig
  5. Al fresco is never your dining option.anigif_enhanced-18289-1410462594-1
  6. Holding hands with your special someone would last for less than a minute.unfair
  7. Your favorite time of the year are the coldest or breeziest months.  tumblr_mzalqf3KAS1ss4gtzo1_500
  8. Cotton is your fabric of choice and silk is a big no-no.giphyhhhh
  9. No matter how deodorants say they last 24 or 48 hours, yours just wont.sweat
  10. You’re fine with not putting make up on before leaving the house, because you have to do it again when you reach your destination.sweating-makeup-off-blotting-face-gif

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