I’m Fate, a 20-something web developer from Laguna, Philippines.

I am also a volunteer for the Mozilla Philippines Community and currently focusing on building a better local Mozilla developer community for professional and students.

Tea bags, pizza, ‘isaw’ and almonds are things I cannot say no to. I am currently learning to bake, an effort generally made to cure my disastrous cooking skills.

Cycling is my way of being active and I own a pink single speed bike which reminds me so much of my childhood. I am also a solo cheapskate traveler who would prefer to walk a mile rather than pay for the minimum bus fare.

I find writing to be therapeutic and I’ve been writing snippets of stories, unfinished poems and everything I can think of in journals, scraps of paper, last pages of notebooks and even in book margins. I used to blog in Tumblr before I switched to WordPress and in early 2015 I did an overhaul achieving the current one.

I wish, I dream, I hope. . .

Muggle-born Gryffindor. Great-great-great granddaughter of Anne Shirley. Have Barney for a pet. Metal bender. Tribute from District 13. Talks Finnish. Owner of a beach cottage in Hubbard’s Point. Talked with Amenhotep II. Watched cherry blossoms. Cruised in the Nile. Walked the Sky Walk. Hiked on China’s Great Wall. Reached Mt. Apo’s summit. Dived in Tubbataha Reef. Bungee Jumped in Macau Tower. Flown in a hot-air balloon over the Pacific. Whale watched in Sorsogon.


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Finally, I got myself to follow you. Been pretty quite hard as the moment I pressed the follow button, it said that this blog is “private”. So I goggled your blog and hoooray. It’s no longer acrumpledpaper but “fatebacag”. Haha
    By the way, we’ve had the same goal in reaching Philippines highest peak. haha Wishing to have you next year for this. 🙂 Happy blogging.


    • Thank you! Listening (or rather reading) older people thoughts and life experiences is a privilege for the younger generation. In that way we are able to gain wisdom and first hand information.

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