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      1. oo. at andaming hiwaga nung panahon na yon na parang void sa history. at bakit biglang nawala ang mga Pharaohs? san na sila napunta?


      2. Amazing pero mysterious ung mga architectural sttructures nila. Ung anak ata ni King Tut stillborn kaya ayun, wala ata syang heirs or something.


      3. oo. nakakapagduda ang kagandahan ng mga pyramid na perpekto ang pagkakagawa….andaming sabi sabi…at gusto ko din makita talaga…..now is the best time to travel to Egypt (daw) dahil sobrang bagsak ang rates – hotel and fare (baka gusto mo na magpunta haha)


  1. Finally, I got myself to follow you. Been pretty quite hard as the moment I pressed the follow button, it said that this blog is “private”. So I goggled your blog and hoooray. It’s no longer acrumpledpaper but “fatebacag”. Haha
    By the way, we’ve had the same goal in reaching Philippines highest peak. haha Wishing to have you next year for this. 🙂 Happy blogging.


    1. I used acrumpledpaper for several years before turning it into fatecabag so maybe that is why WordPress has some issues on linking my sites. HAHAHAHA!
      I would start conquering peaks in Luzon this year and Mt. Apo the soonest!

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    1. Thank you! Listening (or rather reading) older people thoughts and life experiences is a privilege for the younger generation. In that way we are able to gain wisdom and first hand information.

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