Sorting priorities

I always dreamed of big things, like being able to travel for a living or be a founder of a NGO. I started putting up my bucketlist since I was 20 and I get this adrenaline rush whenever I tick off an item on it. Achieving goals I’ve set for myself is so fullfilling and maybe that is one of the reasons why I never ran out of things to do.

But sometimes, it gets overwhelming and I find it hard to focus on what goal should I aim for next. I wanted to do a lot of things and I really hate to admit this, but I really suck at this whole what-should-I-prioritize drill. And because I get lost at what should my priorities be, I tend to multitask, which I am also a novice at.


Also when opportunities are thrown into the mix,  I became a ball of disarray. I find it hard to tell whether I should grab or let it pass and most of the time I tend to grab it resulting into more things to do and continuing to suck at what I should prioritize at the moment. Recently, I got confronted by the fact that my goals are harder to achieve than what I thought it would be, and working towards achieving some of it would require me to hold off some goals for the meantime. This came as a huge blow for me and I get dejected at looking at my timelines.

With this sunken feeling I got when I needed to delay some of my goals, people came in to share me wisdom. One of the best advice I got is, “Barry Allen slowed down his pace to get lightning, and he got better. Delaying Goal A for the sake of Goal B is not really a bad thing, its the universe teaching you how to get your lightning.”(The Flash references were the best part of the advice. Hahahahahaha!)

Sorting out priorities will always be hard and this new point of view about shelving other goals in order to achieve something is new for me. I still get confused on how to do this but being confused comes with the process of learning right? Now I am optimistic about how I classify what goals are fit for the VIP Goals Lounge for the moment.

How about you? How do you put what goals you should accomplish first?


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