Love can wait but my dreams can’t

I finished my priority list for the last quarter of 2016. And when I pinned it on journal dashboard, I realized that I didn’t put any room for dating in it which isn’t a surprise at all. With a lot of things happening in my life and goals that I am focusing on, seeing other people aside from my friends and family would be out of the question.

I’m at that stage where I am starting to build things for myself, my career, the community I am volunteering for, my health routine and my financial portfolio. The sum of all of that takes up most of my time and drains my energy.

Another thing is that I also like doing things alone, like travelling, eating at new restaurants  or seeing movies. This may sound sad for some but I find myself enjoying my own company. When I do things alone, I do it at my own pace thus I don’t require anyone to slow down or speed up just to catch up with me.looking-3

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bitter woman who got scorned on love. Im even still friends with my ex boyfriends and I had my fair share of dating some guys. It’s just that for the next few years, I wanted myself to be my topmost priority.

I came from a three-year relationship so I think I know what love feels like.  I’m a staunch believer of a soul mates and I look forward to the day that I can tell myself that I’m willing to compromise for someone else’s goals. Im excited for the day that I can be selfless towards a relationship and I can give my full dedication to someone who deserves only the best.

But until then, until such time that I can proudly say to myself that I finished putting up the foundation of my dreams, I want to work for myself and my life only. Romantic relationships will have its own perfect timing and I think that now isn’t the perfect timing for that.

So for that guy out there, I don’t care if we met already or not, all I know is that I don’t want to fall in love yet, I’m at my most selfish self and I don’t deserve you, but be still, because I know sometime in the future I will be ready for the love you can give and I hope that we will be both prepared for a relationship and friendship that is meant to last for a long time.


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