FSA Leaders Camp PH 2015

The FSA Leaders Camp PH is a 2 day camp for all FSA Club Leads in the Philippines for training and development of the future leaders of Mozilla Philippines. This camp aims to train student leaders to be more familiar with the Mozilla mission, to promote the FSA program in their own campus, get more … Continue reading FSA Leaders Camp PH 2015

10 Things only Sweaty Girls will Understand

Being a sweaty girl in a tropical country like the Philippines is a terrible combination. People always tell me to wipe that sweat off and believe me I really wanted to, but what can I do if I can't stop perspiring? Here is a short list of what sweaty girls experiences: You never leave the … Continue reading 10 Things only Sweaty Girls will Understand

FSA PH Public Speaking Workshop

Firefox Student Ambassadors lead campaigns and projects that helps encourage fellow students to join the Mozilla mission in promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. In order to be more effective as representatives of Mozilla in our respective schools we are provided with resources, support and workshops. Since February 19 is a holiday for … Continue reading FSA PH Public Speaking Workshop