Light it up.

I am amazed at how Filipinos celebrate Christmas, from the decorations, food preparation, reunions to traditions.

One thing that I love most in this season is how places light up. People start decorating their homes as early as September, malls try to outmatch each other by their design themes and parks offer light shows.


Filinvest City’s The Light of Christmas (photo taken from Filinvest City FB Page)


A video of Ayala Triangle’s Lights and Sound Show 2015

But aside from the usual eyecandy, the lights give me a sense of warmth and hope. And if the man-made lights are not enough, the moon showed its full glory on Christmas day.

It is a fitting end to my 2015 and I am really looking forward to the start of another year.

Inside the doctor’s office.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community8

Some people won’t believe if I tell them that I’m in my 20’s, like the stingy guy on the convenience store who refused to sell me a beer because he insisted that I’m a minor and the tutorial center’s manager who thought that I was enrolling for advanced mathematics. Maybe it is also because I dress like a teenager whenever I go out: shorts, loose shirt, pair of sandals and a sling bag.

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