5 Reasons Why I Want To Go Back to Enchanted River

Going to the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur was one of the highlights of my 2015. And even though it was off season and we had limited time when we went there, we had the grandest time touring the place. This place holds a special place in my heart for the following reasons:

1. The habal-habal ride is bad ass.

Enchanted River is located in Brgy. Talisay, more than 30 minutes away from the Hinatuan Bus Terminal. Uphills and downhills added fun to the still undeveloped roads leading to it. I’m used to this kind of a bumpy ride because of my summer vacations in Bicol but what makes it different is that the Habal habal has a roof. And having a roof puts some challenge on maintaining the balance of the motorcycle. I salute Mang Buboy for his funny anecdotes and taking us there safely. If you are going to the Enchanted River anytime soon, you can text Mang Buboy at 09481269618.

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Not for the faint hearted. #HabalHabal

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2. I ran out of names for the shades of blue

There is cyan, sky, turquoise, azure, royal, teal, navy, midnight, sapphire, dark, cerulean and others that I do not know of. I have this habit of classifying colors when I see a body of water but on that moment I stood there, staring and awed at its beauty not caring what shade of blue I am seeing.

Enchanter River in Hinatuan

3. Fish Feeding left my mouth wide open

Every 12 noon everyone is asked to get out of the water and watch a sight to behold. A hymn is played, the caretaker throws food at the water and schools of fish pops out from nowhere. For the first one or two schools of fish that gobbled the food I was just there staring with my mouth wide open in amazement. And the ‘Best in Synchronized Swimming Award’ goes to the fishes. HAHAHAHAHA!

4. A befitting name

The stories about how it came to be and its spring water source always gives me some air of mysteriousness, their findings or a lack thereof of how deep is it gives of some scary vibes and remembering how beautiful it is makes me feel amazed. Kudos to whoever taught of the name for the Enchanted River because they choose a name that really should go with it.

5. This was the last place my father and I went for a holiday

When we were planning for our Butuan trip, I specifically asked him if we can go to Enchanted River because I really wanted to see it and he did not promise me anything back then. A week before our trip he told me we are going to see it and I was over the moon with happiness. He did not swim in the Enchanted River but he enjoyed the Island Hopping Tour specifically spelunking at Sarzosa Ponta Cave making him say that he would definitely go back on October. He was never able to go back because he died a week later.

So going back to Enchanted River and taking the Island Hopping Tour is added to my bucketlist and I really hope that I can go back!


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