PUP – SRC Firefox Club Recruitment Campaign

Firefox Student Ambassadors or FSA are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla, the open web, and the many benefits of Firefox and its products. The PUP-SRC Firefox Club is a group of FSAs in PUP – Sta. Rosa Campus. Initially, there were only less than ten members of the Club at the start of the 2015 academic year, but as of October 2015 there are (drumroll please) more than 30 members. How did we do this? We launched the #PUPSRCYearOfTheFirefox Campaign.

The #PUPSRCYearOfTheFirefox is in line with FSA Philippines #YearOFTheFirefox which aims to make this academic year more awesome by joining the FSA program.

by Vennis Sacro

To kick off the #PUPSRCYearOfTheFirefox, the PUP – Sta. Rosa Firefox Club FB Page was launched last July 18. The page contains information and links on how to be join the FSA program, what it does, previous events where members of the PUP-SRC Firefox Club volunteered or organized. For the first week since the page has been launched it gathered over a hundred likes.

(1) PUP - Sta. Rosa Campus Firefox Club Page Stats

The FB page is a collaborative effort of FSAs. Kenneth Ishizaki and John Leo Marinas helped publish some of the albums. Wendy Aguilar and me creates and manages the content up to now. Vennis Sacro made the poster (the one you can see above) and the cover photo.

Then, we organized a MozMerienda, our own localized version of MozCoffee. Wendy Aguilar, Vennis Sacro and Arene Taliente have been contributing to Mozilla since 2014 so we had draw lots on what tasks should we have during the event. 56 students joined us in our talks about Mozilla, its mission, products and how we as FSAs can contribute. Here are my co-organizers feedback on the MozMerienda:

Wendy Aguilar: “Awesome! Got a chance to share what it’s like to be an FSA, to be part of MozPH community. Super fulfilling.”

Arlene Taliente: “It was great and unforgettable experience as being part of the crew and seeing my fellow IT students learning and having fun through Mozmerienda.”

Vennis Sacro: “It was fun and inspiring. I wish we got more time to talk to them.

I have a separate post for the MozMerienda. (Please click here)

After the success of the MozMerienda, more students signed up. Then we did a placard campaign where I printed signboards then asked the members of the Club to take photos with it and send it to me. I received a looooooot of photos which made me conclude that they really had fun taking selfies and groupies. Here is the link for the album. (Please click here)



This is just the start of the #PUPSRCYearOfTheFirefox, we are currently on the process of organizing more events so stay tuned!


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