Stop doubting love.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang is still one of my most favorite shows and recently I decided to watch again the series in its entirety. And this scene hit something in me.

“There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you.” – Uncle Iroh


This made me think of how much love is present in my life, from my family, friends and even colleagues.

I have this habit of asking endless questions, of doubting people, of mistaking generosity as pity, of thinking that maybe their concern comes with an ulterior motive.

It was only due to recent things that I saw that the people who genuinely love you will really be concerned, that they would worry, that no matter how much I try to shake off people and tell them to not care and let me be, they would still be bothered. Because that is what love really is.

That love comes in different packages and wavelengths but nevertheless the same kind of warmth. Something like a little heartbeat that would keep you going and without it you would be an empty shell.

I always saw that love is a decision that you make everyday and that can also be applied to the love that I receive. That the people who love me, choose to love me despite faults and shortcomings.

So today, I wanna make this pledge, that I would stop overthinking about it. That I would stop doubting love.




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