PUP – SRC Firefox Club Public Speaking Training

Speaking in front of a crowd scares a lot of people. A research done by the National Institute of Mental Health says that 74% of people suffer speech anxiety (link here).

Fear of Public Speaking
As far as I know, being able to confidently express your ideas, thoughts and opinions is a huge advantage for every individual. So being a Club Lead for the PUP-SRC Firefox Club, I know that one of the training that we need to do is about public speaking. And last January 30, we held a mini Public Speaking Training. This is an echoing of a workshop I attended last February 2015 (link here) and I reused the presentation, Faye Tandog used back then.

We started with a question of why public speaking is important for us even though were still students. I cited some examples like defending our research paper and thesis and interview for internships.
After that, I asked everyone to introduce themselves by saying their names, a truth and a lie. Then the others would guess what the lie and the truth is.
We then had the main part of the training, and the topics are divided into 3 parts namely; Preparing for your talk, Surviving your Talk and Talk Hacks.
To test what they had learned during the training I asked everyone to explain to me the functionalities of their phone and why I would want to buy and use it in 2 minutes. After everyone was finished, I gave some tips individually on how they can improve their pitch.
As a final note, I left them with a quote from Kameron Hurley:
They’re not going to remember the words. They’ll remember how you made them feel. Make them feel something.” – Kameron Hurley

PS. Thank you to Wendy Aguilar for taking photos!


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