Staying and moving.

I AM A MOZILLIAN. Back in April 2013, I first heard of the Mozilla Philippines Community in a IT Convention in AMA Binan. I used Firefox before but I didn't have an idea that there is something more to the organization than its browser. It was summer vacation and I don't have other things to … Continue reading Staying and moving.

An app for women: AksyonVAW

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a social media account, its like a prerequisite for staying on the loop. From personal stories to how a friend celebrated their birthday and where did that family go for a vacation to the state of the world like what is status of that country after an earthquake or … Continue reading An app for women: AksyonVAW

PUP – SRC Firefox Club Public Speaking Training

Speaking in front of a crowd scares a lot of people. A research done by the National Institute of Mental Health says that 74% of people suffer speech anxiety (link here). Courtesy of: Miami Public Speakers As far as I know, being able to confidently express your ideas, thoughts and opinions is a huge advantage … Continue reading PUP – SRC Firefox Club Public Speaking Training