Staying and moving.


Back in April 2013, I first heard of the Mozilla Philippines Community in a IT Convention in AMA Binan. I used Firefox before but I didn’t have an idea that there is something more to the organization than its browser. It was summer vacation and I don’t have other things to do so I started  to read about Mozilla more. A month later, I signed up to volunteer for my first Mozilla event, a WoMoz kick off party.

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An app for women: AksyonVAW

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a social media account, its like a prerequisite for staying on the loop. From personal stories to how a friend celebrated their birthday and where did that family go for a vacation to the state of the world like what is status of that country after an earthquake or who is the new Vice President. But no matter how beneficial social media is, it also became a channel for abuse.

A few months ago, I came upon an app that aims to inform women about their rights, how to keep themselves safe online and how to counter technology related violence against them. The Foundation for Media Alternatives, the organization behind the Take Back The Tech Philippines, in collaboration with 8layer Technologies a free and open source company, developed the AksyonVAW app which debuted in Google Play Store sometime February.

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Stop doubting love.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang is still one of my most favorite shows and recently I decided to watch again the series in its entirety. And this scene hit something in me.

“There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you.” – Uncle Iroh


This made me think of how much love is present in my life, from my family, friends and even colleagues.

I have this habit of asking endless questions, of doubting people, of mistaking generosity as pity, of thinking that maybe their concern comes with an ulterior motive.

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PUP – SRC Firefox Club Public Speaking Training

Speaking in front of a crowd scares a lot of people. A research done by the National Institute of Mental Health says that 74% of people suffer speech anxiety (link here).

Fear of Public Speaking
As far as I know, being able to confidently express your ideas, thoughts and opinions is a huge advantage for every individual. So being a Club Lead for the PUP-SRC Firefox Club, I know that one of the training that we need to do is about public speaking. And last January 30, we held a mini Public Speaking Training. This is an echoing of a workshop I attended last February 2015 (link here) and I reused the presentation, Faye Tandog used back then.

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Light it up.

I am amazed at how Filipinos celebrate Christmas, from the decorations, food preparation, reunions to traditions.

One thing that I love most in this season is how places light up. People start decorating their homes as early as September, malls try to outmatch each other by their design themes and parks offer light shows.


Filinvest City’s The Light of Christmas (photo taken from Filinvest City FB Page)


A video of Ayala Triangle’s Lights and Sound Show 2015

But aside from the usual eyecandy, the lights give me a sense of warmth and hope. And if the man-made lights are not enough, the moon showed its full glory on Christmas day.

It is a fitting end to my 2015 and I am really looking forward to the start of another year.